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Adding value to the travel and hospitality industry with efficient UX design solutions that optimize sales funnels, prioritizing mobile-first experiences, incorporating high-impact imagery, enhancing customer experience, and building trust and transparency.

Creating Personalized, Simple and Delightful Customer Experience for Travel & Hospitality Platforms

Long before a customer begins his travel or visits a hospitable property, their experience with your business has commenced the moment they’ve visited your website/online platform. Therefore, understanding the user behavior at this stage is extremely essential to offer an experience that can both satisfy the user as well as improve conversions.

Travel UX design deep dives to understand various aspects like their travel intention, how much information is needed to make a decision, spotting pain points, identifying what options are users looking for, etc.
UX design involves creating an optimal design solution considering all the above aspects to fulfill the needs of the users, along with identifying what can set the brand apart from the competitors.

Our wins for Travel and Hospitality

Gained Investment from BookMyShow

Our client Townscript gained strategic investment from BookMyShow.

Resourceful Partnerships in Travel & Hospitality

UI/UX Redesign for Townscript- Rekindling Indian Youth’s Love for Events

‘Their deep user understanding and UX design helped us achieve substantial business outcomes faster than we expected’

Himanshu Singh


Townscript gets strategic investment from BookMyShow
TownScript (2)

Shaping a Travel Platform and a Community for Offbeat Travel and Discovery

The monsoonfish team started with our idea, challenged it, changed it and made it into a product that looks and works great. The team is intelligent, responsive and delivers

Nitin Gupta

Dusty Roads


Here’s What Our Travel & Hospitality Clients Say About Us

Their deep user understanding and UX design helped us achieve substantial business outcome faster than we expected.

Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh


The monsoonfish team started with our idea, challenged it, changed it and made it into a product that looks and works great. The team is intelligent, responsive and delivers.

Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta

Dusty Roads

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How Travel UX Design Adds Value?

Optimizing Sales Funnels Across the Industry
Website’s conversion is the primary aspect to consider for a brand and travel UX design solutions ensure that the various aspects of the sales funnel are user-friendly, and seamless for the user to take the necessary actions. The experience design optimizes the booking window, different options, price rate comparison, etc. for better efficiency, to help make decisions quickly.
Thinking Mobile-First Experience
Designing for mobile screens first and then taking it all the way to the bigger screens; because users in this industry make purchase/booking decisions on the go and there is a sense of urgency. Hence, as a travel and hospitality UX design agency, we prioritize maximum usability and functionality, thinking for a mobile-first experience.
Visual Appeal is the Key (High-Impact Imagery)
Users look for high-quality images and visual appeal in the travel and hospitality domain. Interior, exterior, other facilities if shown through high-quality images can influence the users for making more informed decisions. Therefore, as a part of seamless user experience, we ensure to create a visually compelling website.
Better Customer Experience
User experience and customer experience go hand-in-hand and hence your travel platform UX can make or break your brand’s overall customer experience. So it’s best to start providing an exceptional level of customer service from the very first touchpoint- the website/platform. Our design solutions are created to offer efficiency and delight for your customers.
Building Trust and Transparency through Travel UX Design
Customers value understanding comparative prices and additional charges, and they also rely on the experiences of others. To meet this need, we prioritize data transparency in our design process. Including customer reviews is integral, recognizing that social proof plays a significant role in users’ decision-making processes.

Why Choose Monsoonfish for Designing Travel & Hospitality Solutions?

Experience in Travel & Hospitality Space

Having worked on various projects in this industry such as Townscript, Dusty Roads etc. we have been constantly in touch with the evolving Travel and Hospitality space and are aware of the digital and technological shift this industry has taken for customers needs.

Domain Understanding

Team Monsoonfish is well-versed with the limitations, pain points, tech innovations that can be incorporated in your website/platform, to deliver a seamless and delightful user experience.

Methodological Approach and Data Driven Design

Every brand and its customers in this industry need to be known well to deliver the right solution for them, therefore our design approach includes thorough research and data driven insights to provide the most efficient design solution.

Skillset to Deliver Efficient Travel UX Design Solutions

Our team of designers and researchers are skilled to discover and deliver value-added, user-centric and seamless design solutions to benefit each stakeholder in the entire product journey.

Trends in Travel & Hospitality Sector

Offbeat and Solo Travel

Offbeat and Solo Travel

In the age of mindfulness, the value of solo and offbeat traveling has gained popularity. This has led to the need to connect people with similar interests and enable them intercat to discover new places to experience and enjoy! Such websites/brands and hospitality spaces promoting these travel experiences can offer digital platforms which can help connect people and create communities for offbeat traveling. Efficient Travel UX design solutions can help display necessary data and discover places the travelers are looking for and therefore help in creating memorable experiences for solo and offbeat travelers.

Experiences vs Sightseeing

Experiences vs Sightseeing

The times where sightseeing used to be a part of vacations is being replaced by travel experiences. Many consumers today want more from their trips than just visiting an overcrowded tourist site! It is about indulging in various aspects of the destination during travel such as- cuisine, history, culture, wellness, luxury, adventure etc. to gain memorable and unique travel experiences. And hence it has become essential to design packages around these experiences and gain more travelers.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual Experiences

Virtual reality and virtual experiences rank among the most exciting hospitality trends, providing the means for potential customers to experience what their surroundings would be during their travel/stay, all from the comfort of their own home. Incorporating this technological innovation in the user experience can accelerate the process of decision making for the users and help them to move ahead from the planning stage to actually committing to a visit. Utilizing these virtual tours/360 videos can help some customers to better understand the facilities available, providing the brand a clear edge over their competitors. Travel UX design can help adopt these hospitality trends and make them easily accessible on various devices.

Hospitality at Homes and Offices

Hospitality at Homes and Offices

Hospitality is growing beyond the ‘premise’, it’s not just rising in hotels and destinations, but also at home. From chefs creating experiences right at your home, to performers who can enthrall you to family experiences that are beyond television experience will be seen to grow. Offices are now not just spaces with chairs and tables but with recreational zones, clubs, entertainment, restaurants, relaxation centers, fitness centers etc. There is a distinct hospitality segment for home and offices that’s growing and gaining importance.


What should you look for in a designer or a design company who designs for Travel & Hospitality?

You should look for a design company with expertise in the travel & hospitality domain, a proven track record of creating impact through design solutions, and a portfolio showcasing successful collaborations within the travel domain.

Why is UI and UX design critical for Travel & Hospitality application design

In this industry, where users seek seamless and enjoyable interactions, a well-crafted user interface ensures easy navigation and accessibility. Clear and intuitive designs facilitate smooth booking processes and enhance the overall journey for users.
Additionally, thoughtful UX design contributes to increased customer satisfaction, fostering trust and loyalty. A positive user experience becomes a key differentiator, influencing users to choose and engage with your application over others.

What is the UI/UX design approach for Travel & Hospitality?

At Monsoonfish our design approach for the travel platform is user-centric, while prioritizing engaging and intuitive interfaces, to keep up with the traveler’s enthusiasm. This involves designing clear and intuitive navigation for easy booking processes, prioritizing accessibility for a diverse user base, and incorporating visually appealing elements to enhance the overall journey.

How does design add value to Travel & Hospitality products?

UI/UX design solutions help in enhancing user experience of the travel & hospitality products, not just from the users perspective but also from the business perspective in many ways such as:

  • Optimizing sales funnel
  • Thinking mobile-first experience
  • High impact imagery for visual appeal
  • Building trust and transparency with better customer experience
What are the examples of successful Travel & Hospitality projects?

Our track record includes successful edtech projects with notable partners such as Dusty Roads, Townscript and others; creating a huge impact on travel enthusiasts.

What is the role of emerging technologies like AI, ML, and AR in design for the Travel & Hospitality domain?

AI optimizes customer experiences by personalizing recommendations and automating processes. ML analyzes data to predict trends, improving decision-making for businesses. AR enhances user engagement by providing immersive experiences, helping travelers make more informed choices. These technologies together contribute to more efficient, personalized, and engaging UX design solutions in the Travel & Hospitality sector.

What are the growing trends for Travel & Hospitality applications?

Travel has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years due to social media and the buzz created by travel enthusiasts. Some of the growing trends of travels include:

  • Offbeat and solo travel
  • Inclination towards experiences rather than sightseeing
  • Virtual experiences
  • Hospitality at homes and offices
Why and how do Travel start-ups benefit hugely from design?

Good design helps in creating a positive first impression and builds trust, essential for a startup’s success. It enhances the user experience, making it easier for customers to navigate and use the platform. Additionally, a visually appealing and intuitive design can set a startup apart from competitors, helping it stand out in the competitive travel industry. Also, a well-crafted and user-friendly interface attracts and retains customers, benefiting the platform from a business perspective.

What is the return on investment of design for Travel & Hospitality products?

The return on investment of design for Travel & Hospitality products lies in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. A well-designed product can streamline processes, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency. It also attracts a broader audience by making the user experience more enjoyable and accessible, translating into higher conversion rates. Ultimately, the positive impact on customer retention and acquisition contributes to the overall financial success of the product.

One such example of a positive impact created by UX design was for Dusty Roads, which facilitated the creation of a community for off-beat travel, beyond being a travel & hospitality platform.


Dusty Roads


Wanna Go


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