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Enhancing cyber security products through efficient UX design solutions - for the user, usage, and usability. Streamlining complex data into intuitive dashboards and simplifying management processes for diverse stakeholders.

Cybersecurity UX Design Helps Identifying Risks and Ensuring Accessibility, Usability, Convenience as well as Safety of User’s Data

‘A Good UX Leads to Better Performing Security Products’

An effective and seamless human-centric cyber security is a result of three major components: user, usage, and usability.

User psychology and behavior towards cyber security risks are considered while creating a design solution for cyber security.

The functional aspects of the security measures put into place, to protect users against threats, are covered under the usage component of the design solution.

Lastly, the usability aspect considers how well the system can be used by the user, in terms of human interaction or the interplay between the user and the product.

Our Wins for Cybersecurity

‘Startup of the Year – Security Software’

Hive Pro gained the name ‘Startup of the Year – Security Software’ in the Globee Awards 18th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®.

Secured $3 Million

Cybersecurity startup Hive Pro secured $3 million in seed funding.

Building Trust through UX for Cybersecurity

Crafting an Interface to Centralize Functions and Provide a Complete View of Security- Kronos

Developing a design system that provides a holistic view of security to identify threats and carry out multiple actions, by emphasizing on visual data design.

Crafting a UI/UX Design Solution for a Frictionless Insider Threat Detection System– Doppler

A multi-layered design solution to identify threats and carry out multiple actions, by emphasizing on visual data design.

Here’s What Our Cybersecurity Clients Say About Us

The monsoonfish team started with our idea, challenged it, changed it and made it into a product that looks and works great. The team is intelligent, responsive and delivers.

Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta

Dusty Roads

Efficient and good looking UX design, deliveredontime.




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How does Design Add Value to Your Cybersecurity Product?

Dashboards Made Simple
In cybersecurity, security dashboards hold utmost importance. UI/UX design aims to instill a sense of safety and accomplishment rather than fear. It focuses on presenting data in a clear, brief, and concise manner. The dashboard design is adaptable and customizable to cater to the needs of all stakeholders.
Prioritizing Important Info and Data through Cybersecurity UX Design Solutions
Design solutions help in prioritizing and simplifying highly complex data and information into effective overviews, summaries, and on-point risk visuals. Cybersecurity UX design process also involves creating visuals that simplify explanations and display relevant data at a glance to make the experience simpler and user-friendly.
Making it Easy to Identify and Deep Dive
Design intervention can help make simple tweaks to the usability aspect of cybersecurity, which can lead to identifying risks easily. This enables users to view various tiers of information and drill down into the details, for users to take necessary actions for improving security protections.
Design Differently for Each Stakeholder
Each stakeholder has different data needs, and thus, Cybersecurity UX design solutions allow for making the product customizable or flexible for different users. Therefore each stakeholder can gain value out of the product, thereby greatly increasing its utilization and overall value.
Simplifying Management through Design
Simplifying security flows and authentication can gain the trust of the user, because if the product seems difficult to use then it might also seem to be less secure! Cybersecurity ux design can help to minimize friction and simplify processes, for users to make better decisions for their security.

Why Choose Monsoonfish for your Cybersecurity Product?

Experience in Cybersecurity Space

We have business process patents for delivering projects efficiently in cybersecurity across the globe, proudly delivering 25+ projects in this domain.

Domain Understanding

Our team has worked on several projects in this domain hence is well-versed with the limitations and pain points to deliver an efficient cybersecurity UX design solution.

Methodological Approach

Every brand and its users need to be known well to deliver the right solution for them, hence our design approach starts with thorough research for your product and its users.

Skillset to Deliver Efficient Cybersecurity Design Services

Our team of designers is skilled to discover and design value-added solutions to benefit each stakeholder.

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

Wearable Technology

Continued Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Accidental bias and manipulating data sets are common AI systems attacks. And hence, cybersecurity UX design is becoming more important than ever to make the most important parts visible yet never lose sight of the overall larger view.

Chatbots for Patient-Centric Services

New Challenges from Ransomware

Surveys indicate that 79% of companies with a digital presence have experienced at least one ransomware attack. As digital penetration increases, people are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Security software is not just in the domain of the few trained experts but is getting down to the common user. Therefore, cybersecurity UX design is important to convert complex details to simplified insights and actions that are easily understandable for everyone.

EHRs- Electronic Health Records

Increased Attacks on Cloud-Services

Attacks on cloud services may take place if we have no control over our data. Data loss, compromised accounts, and malware infection are some of the common consequences of attacks on cloud services. Access control and strong authentication needed to avoid such attacks, can be made simpler through Cybersecurity UX design; to minimize friction and simplify the process for the users.

Telemedicine (Telehealth or E-Medicine)

Data Breaches

Users are becoming increasingly aware of data usage and data privacy rights, and hence the need for incorporating easy yet efficient security steps for users through UI/UX design has become essential. Encouraging the use of strong/complex passwords, implementing easy two-factor authentication, transparency about SSL encryption measures, etc. can build users’ trust.


What should you look for in a designer or design company who designs for cybersecurity?

You should look for a design company with expertise in the cybersecurity domain, a proven track record of creating impact through cybersecurity UX design solutions, and a portfolio showcasing successful collaborations within this domain.

Why is UI and UX design critical for cybersecurity application design?

Cybersecurity application design ensures that the product is easy to use, with a well-designed interface helping users to navigate the application seamlessly. An efficient design solution also helps to create a positive user experience by delivering clear and accessible security. This user-friendly design is essential in cybersecurity to enhance overall usability, minimize user errors, and impart a sense of confidence in the minds of the users and stakeholders.

What is the UI and UX design approach for cybersecurity?

In UI design, the focus is on creating a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring that users can easily navigate security features. On the other hand, UX design aims to provide a straightforward and positive experience, emphasizing user-friendly interactions and clear communication of security measures. This approach helps users feel confident and in control while using cybersecurity applications, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing overall security.

How does design add value to cybersecurity solutions?

Cybersecurity UX design adds value to platforms and products in this domain through various ways such as:

  • By simplifying dashboards
  • Prioritizing important information and data through design
  • Making it easy to identify risks and deep dive
  • Design differently for each stakeholder
  • Simplifying security flows through design
What are the examples of successful cybersecurity projects?

Monsoonfish has successfully collaborated with various cybersecurity products like Kronos, Doppler, Binary Flux to name a few, demonstrating expertise in creating effective and user-friendly design solutions for enhanced security.

What is the role of emerging technologies like AI, ML, AR etc in design for cybersecurity?

Emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and AR play a pivotal role in cybersecurity design by enabling advanced threat detection, real-time analysis, and immersive user experiences that enhance overall security awareness and response capabilities.

What are the growing trends of cybersecurity applications?

The growing trends or rather threats in the cybersecurity domain in 2024 and the coming years are:

  • Continued rise of AI
  • New challenges for ransomware
  • Increased attacks on cloud services
  • Increasing threat of data breaches
Why do cybersecurity start-ups benefit hugely from design?

Cybersecurity UI/UX design not only makes complex security measures more accessible and user-friendly, but also instills confidence in users with a well-designed interface. It also helps in facilitating adoption, and helps establish trust. Additionally, an intuitive design reduces the likelihood of user errors, contributing to the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions.

What is the return on investment in design for cybersecurity products and platforms?

Designing cybersecurity products and platforms brings a positive return on investment as it helps to build user trust, minimizes errors, and improves the overall effectiveness of security measures. A user-friendly design enhances confidence, contributing to the success and adoption of cybersecurity solutions. Two of the notable examples of positive ROI through efficient UX design are – we helped in delivering an effortless insider threat detection for Doppler and created an interface that centralizes functions, offering a comprehensive security view for a platform named Kronos.



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