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‘All Products are Subjects for Experiment and Analysis to Curious Designer Minds!’ - Team Monsoonfish

In our lab, we go beyond design! We think about business, technology, new models, trends, and a lot more. Design is a part of everything and our team identifies these opportunities everywhere!

Monsoonfish lab is a showcase of ideas for products, businesses, and brands. We approach it as a part of our experiment and analysis, with an attempt at the transformation which we think can superpower them, through a fresh perspective.

An attempt for Netflix’s UI/UX redesign to offer features that can enhance usability, accessibility and make the experience more user-friendly for the viewers.


Exploring possibilities of turning an OTT platform into something more than just for entertainment purposes. Here’s our attempt of working out new sources of income benefiting the platform as well as the audience?

Hotstar Feature image

Our team attempted to fill in the gaps, in terms of its interface and user experience design; for offering a more enhanced and assisted experience for the users throughout their journey.

Redbus Feature image

This project attempted to identify the gaps in this food delivery app and propose UI/UX design ideas to expand Swiggy in different ways for the users to use it for more than just a food delivery app, in turn setting it apart from its competitors.

Swiggy Feature image