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Prioritizing trust and reliability, UX design solutions foster confidence among users by crafting interfaces that resonate with consumers to help them make better financial decisions.

Creating Seamless User Experience and Value-Driven Business Impact for Fintech Industry

Recognizing the necessity of anticipating the future, especially in the dynamic fintech industry, our UX design agency emphasizes the importance of adaptability for your brand’s success. We navigate the ever-changing landscape by employing a user-centric approach and incorporating the latest trends. Our fintech UI/UX services deliver effective solutions with flexibility, allowing seamless integration of future changes.

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Our Wins in the Fintech Industry through Our Design Solutions

Seed Funding Received

Our client DGV, receives a seed funding of $3.1M.

Here’s What Our Fintech Clients Say About Us

The redesign opened up a new market segment.

Ajay Khurana

Ajay Khurana


Efficient and good looking UX design, deliveredontime.




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How Design Adds Value

Use Data to Understand Consumers and Build Better Financial Products for Them
UI/UX research finds patterns in the behavior of your customers using and forecasting how they need specific actions or features in a product. We ensure to use intelligent solutions to replace generic features for building better products for your consumers.
Frictionless Experience for Better Customer Service
UI/UX design in fintech helps to integrate multiple digital channels and reinvent your customer experience with automation and advanced analytics. This also improves customer service by delivering faster and more efficient customer support with the latest tech assistance.
Accessible and Understandable to the New Audience
Design solutions localize design and content for the target audience to easily understand and promote adoption at scale. Tailor-made product solutions are delivered by first understanding the audience and then designing for them to simplify complex data into easily digestible content.
Designing for Trust and Reliability
Amidst the prevalence of online frauds, our UX design agency prioritizes crafting designs that instill trust and reliability. We understand the significance of creating interfaces that resonate with consumers, fostering a sense of trust in your product or service. Utilizing our fintech UI/UX services, we ensure that the right interface establishes a connection, building confidence among users. Conversely, a product with an unsuitable interface may evoke doubt and convey unreliability, potentially pushing users away.
Make Acquisition and On-Boarding Seamless and Efficient
The typical onboarding procedures for products such as credit cards often involve lengthy and tedious processes, leading users to lose interest and abandon the process midway. Our UX design agency addresses this challenge by offering innovative design solutions. Through our fintech UI/UX services, we focus on simplifying the onboarding experience, creating an efficient, seamless, and engaging process for users. This approach ensures that users remain interested and complete the onboarding process with ease, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Why Choose Monsoonfish for Designing Fintech Solutions?

Experience in Finance and Fintech Space

Currently working on two Neo-banks, we have been constantly in touch with the evolving Finance and Fintech space and are aware of the technological shift this industry has taken for customers needs.

Domain Understanding

Team Monsoonfish has worked on several projects in this domain hence is well-versed with the limitations, pain points, tech innovations that can be incorporated in your brand, etc. to deliver an efficient design solution.

Methodological Approach and Data Driven Design

Every brand and its users in the Finance and Fintech industry need to be known well to deliver the right solution for them, hence our design approach includes thorough research and data driven solutions.

Skillset to Deliver Efficient Design Solutions

Our team of designers and researchers are skilled to discover and design value-added, user-centric solutions to benefit each stakeholder in the entire product journey.

Fintech Trends with Advancing Digital Shift

Wearable Technology

Fintech UX for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Fintech industries across the world are now looking to incorporate AI in their operations as AI will reduce operational expenses. AI has been useful in managing customers via cutting-edge client service solutions like Chatbots and for managing rising cyber crimes by identifying financial frauds. Very soon all financial institutions will start to adopt this technology for efficient user experience with reduced costs with the help of professional fintech UI/UX services. Therefore, having clear and user-friendly interfaces can enhance the user experience with AI, making processes more efficient and reducing operational expenses.

Chatbots for Patient-Centric Services

Big Data

Fintech providers and their customers generate vast amounts of data that can be aggregated to provide a detailed view of financial status. Financial institutions would adopt data aggregation solutions so they can use big data to improve customer insights, communication and transparency.

EHRs- Electronic Health Records

UI/UX for RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Process Automation is a process automation technology which utilizes software robots to automate the tasks which are usually performed by humans. Fintech industry has already started implementing RPA to automate various back-end office processes such as security checks, customer onboarding, account maintenance, etc. RPA technology is very beneficial as it can finish tasks better and faster, reduces cost and improves overall organizational efficiency. Fintech UX design solutions can optimize the user interface of RPA systems, ensuring intuitive interactions between human operators and software robots.

Telemedicine (Telehealth or E-Medicine)

Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs

Blockchain is the most significant innovation for digital transactions because its management is distributed, so it cannot be controlled by a specific individual, company, government, or bank. Similarly, introduction of cryptocurrencies and the newest addition- NFTs (Non-fungible token) is changing fintech industries’ considerations as they are non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain (a form of digital ledger).

Chatbots for Patient-Centric Services

Emergence of Digital or NEO Banking

Emergence of digital banking is opening up to a new and diverse audience in India. It is a new challenger to the traditional banks in terms of customer engagement, connectivity and reach, and most importantly, the user experience. Neo banks internationally have seen engagement from a young group of audiences into banking. Monsoonfish is currently providing fintech UX design services to two Neo-bank clients, catering to entirely different consumer bases.


What should you look for in a designer or design company who designs for Fintech?

You should look for a design company with expertise in the fintech domain, demonstrated experience, and a portfolio showcasing successful collaborations with Fintech clients.

Why is UI and UX design critical for Fintech application design?

In the finance domain, Fintech app design isn’t just a bonus; it’s essential for a positive user experience. A clean design and simplified navigation can ease user’s finance management. Intuitive interfaces build trust, encouraging users to rely on the platform/product. From payments to investments, UI/UX is key for satisfied, loyal customers. A well-crafted Fintech app establishes lasting relationships, ensuring customer retention.

What is the UI and UX design approach for Fintech?

At Monsoonfish, we employ a user-centric approach in Fintech UX design, prioritizing intuitive interfaces, seamless navigation for easy usability specifically to your users. We ensure that your product is accessible to all your users irrespective of their location, age, disabilities, compliance with industry regulations.

How does design add value to Fintech products?

UI/UX design solutions help fintech products in many ways such as:

  • Consumer-centric data utilization
  • Frictionless customer service
  • Accessibility for new audiences
  • Trust-centric design
  • Seamless acquisition and onboarding
What are the examples of successful Fintech projects?

Monsoonfish has a track record of successful Fintech collaborations with industry leaders such as CIBIL, Bajaj Finserv, Gatestone, and others. The UI/UX design positively impacted the fintech platforms both from user and business perspective.

What is the role of emerging technologies like AI, ML, AR etc in design for Fintech?

Emerging technologies like AI, ML, and AR play a significant role in designing for Fintech by enhancing user experiences and improving efficiency. AI can help automate processes, providing personalized insights and recommendations. ML contributes to better risk assessment and fraud detection, ensuring enhanced security. AR can simplify complex financial data visualization, making it more accessible for users. In short, these technologies contribute to a more user-friendly and secure financial platform.

What are the growing trends for design of Fintech applications?

Some of the growing trends of fintech in 2024 and the coming years are:

  • Fintech UX supporting and integrating AI and ML
  • Big Data
  • UI/UX for Robotic Process Automation
  • Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs
  • Digital or NEO Banking

Stay tuned to discover more such trends in fintech application design in 2024 and beyond.

Why do fintech start-ups benefit hugely from design?

Fintech start-ups benefit significantly from design, as it helps in establishing a competitive edge, attracting users, and building a trustworthy brand through user-centric design solutions.

What is the return on investment in design for Fintech?

Incorporating UI/UX design into fintech products significantly influences their success and return on investment (ROI) by improving user engagement, trust, and conversion rates, leading to increased revenue and stronger brand loyalty. Monsoonfish’s notable examples of delivering such impact include, streamlining report generation through UI/UX redesign for TransUnion CIBIL.


Bajaj Finserv




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