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Simplicity is crucial for usability. UX design solutions streamline complex workflows, prioritize user goals, and optimize data visualization for efficiency and easy usability of the IoT product.

Creating Simplified and Seamless User Experience for Diverse IoT and Enterprise Applications

The Internet of Things or IoT is the growing range of products that require connectivity, sensing abilities and increased computing power to make them function. Enterprise UX design solutions help in data visualization for making it relevant to users.

Our process involves converting data → information → knowledge → wisdom, thus making them visible and usable for different users.

For enterprise applications we simplify complex workflows and facilitate seamless usability to enable decision making easier. Therefore Enterprise UX design helps people working in an organization, to execute their responsibilities and duties efficiently, delightfully & seamlessly.

Our Wins for ioT and Enterprise Software through Our Design Solutions

Seed Funding Received

Our client DGV, receives a seed funding of $3.1M.

Ingenious Partnerships in ioT and Enterprise Software

Redesigning the Doorstep Fuel Delivery Platform in India: Repos

Enhancing User Journeys: A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Delivery, Payment, and Security Systems

UI/UX Redesign Brought Simplicity to an Extensive HRMS Solution, for Ascent

‘Monsoonfish helped us drastically reduce the GTM of new products and features’

Atul Alurkar

CEO, Eilisys

100% growth within 1 year from the launch of new design
Ascent (1)

Here’s What Our Fintech Clients Say About Us

The redesign opened up a new market segment.

Ajay Khurana

Ajay Khurana


Monsoonfish helped us drastically reduce the GTM of new products and features.

Atul Alurkar

Atul Alurkar


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How Design Adds Value

Simplify Complex Workflows
Simplicity is the key for IoT and Enterprise applications, the more complicated it is to use a product, the more it affects the usability. We simply data by defining user goals, using linear workflows, and converting them into regulated data for conducting necessary tasks.
Data Visualization
An enterprise application needs UX design solutions that are created for repetitive use by organizations. We ensure to prioritize their requirements with an information architecture that helps in data alignment, for efficiency and achieving user goals.
Making it Relevant for Different Users
The data received from the softwares and application needs to be used by different users for various applications. Therefore, enterprise UX design solutions ensure to convert data into information and further into knowledge and wisdom for relevant users, enabling efficient and seamless usability.
Improved Productivity and Decision Making
Enterprise UX design solutions make the enterprise application easy-to-use, helping the employees to perform their routine tasks faster. Therefore, efficient and seamless usability helps in better decision making and also increases productivity; leading to higher revenues for an organization.

Why Choose Monsoonfish for Designing Enterprise Solutions?

Experience in Finance and Fintech Space

Having the experience of working on projects like CIBIL, Ascent, DGV, etc. we have been constantly in touch with the evolving IoT and Enterprise space and are aware of the digital as well as the technological shift this industry has taken for customers needs.

Domain Understanding

Every enterprise software needs in-depth domain understanding and team Monsoonfish has worked on several projects and are hence well-versed with the limitations, pain points, tech innovations that can be incorporated in your application, to deliver an efficient enterprise UX design solution.

Methodological Approach

Aspects like data visualization need a methodological approach to convert them into simplified usable information for users, hence our design approach and process includes in-depth research, and methodological approach that leads to simplified solutions.

Skillset to Deliver Efficient Enterprise UX Design Solutions

Our team of designers and researchers are skilled to understand, discover and design value-added, user-centric solutions to benefit each stakeholder.

IoT and Enterprise Trends with ML and AR

Chatbots for Patient-Centric Services

UX for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Manufacturing units, factories and industries across the world are now looking to incorporate AI in their operations as AI would reduce operational expenses. For example- Al visual inspection bases itself on traditional computer vision methods and human vision, with a deep learning algorithm that detects defects by imitating a human analysis while running a computerized system. UX is essential for all internet enabled softwares to help utilize this technology effectively and to enhance its usability.

Wearable Technology

Humanizing Applications

Rise of digitization has led to efficient usability expectations and applications becoming consumer oriented. Every product/software/application is designed for human users. Thus, translating the benefits of the technology for relevant users or ‘humanizing the technology’ is extremely important. IoT enabled products and applications can deliver better impact by continuous connectivity, seamless and personalized experiences, and simplified user journeys.

EHRs- Electronic Health Records

Enterprise Software for Various Businesses

Robotic Process Automation is a process automation technology which utilizes software robots to automate the tasks which are usually performed by humans. Financial service industry has already started implementing RPA to automate various back-end office processes such as security checks, customer onboarding, account maintenance, etc. RPA technology is very beneficial as it can finish tasks better and faster, reduces cost and improves overall organizational efficiency.

Telemedicine (Telehealth or E-Medicine)

IoT in Different Industries- Healthcare, Security, etc.

The widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing manufacturing, services, product sales, healthcare reporting, and customer support. Automation is on the rise in smart factories and logistics plants, with robotics and IoT infrastructure available as services across various industrial sectors. This digitization trend, facilitated by enterprise software UX services is reshaping society by enhancing usability and delivering seamless experiences in IoT and enterprise technologies.


What should you look for in a designer or a design company who designs for IOT & Enterprise?

You should look for a design company with expertise in the IOT and Enterprise domain, a proven track record of creating impact through design solutions, and a portfolio showcasing successful collaborations within the enterprise domain.

Why is UI and UX design critical for IOT & Enterprise application design

UI and UX design are critical for IoT and Enterprise application design as they directly impact user interaction and satisfaction. In the complex landscape of IoT and enterprise applications, intuitive UI ensures users can navigate seamlessly, while thoughtful UX design enhances overall user satisfaction by focusing on user needs, efficiency, and accessibility. Well-designed UI/UX optimizes functionality, reduces learning curves, and increases user engagement, ultimately contributing to the success and adoption of IoT and enterprise solutions. In this technologically advanced era, a user-centric approach in design is paramount for creating effective, user-friendly, and efficient IoT and enterprise applications.

What is the UI and UX design approach for IOT & Enterprise?

At Monsoonfish, our UI/UX design approach for IoT and Enterprise we focus on simplifying complex data interactions, emphasizing productivity and user satisfaction. Our iterative process involves continuous user feedback, allowing us to refine designs for optimal usability and engagement for all stakeholders.

How does design add value to IOT & Enterprise products?

UI/UX design solutions play a crucial role in elevating the user experience of IoT and Enterprise products, benefiting not only users but also businesses in various ways such as:

  • By simplifying complex workflows
  • Data visualization
  • Making it relevant for different users
  • Improving productivity and decision making
What are the examples of successful IOT & Enterprise projects?

Our track record includes successful IoT & enterprise projects with notable partners such as Kronos, Doppler and many more.

What is the role of emerging technologies like AI, ML, and AR in design for IOT & Enterprise?

Emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and AR play pivotal roles in shaping the design landscape for IoT and Enterprise solutions. AI and ML contribute by enabling predictive analytics, enhancing decision-making processes, and optimizing system performance. AR introduces immersive user experiences, offering real-time data visualization and interactive interfaces. Together, these technologies empower designers to create more intelligent, adaptive, and user-friendly solutions for IoT and Enterprise applications.

What are the growing trends for design of IOT & Enterprise applications?

Some of the growing design trends of IOT & Enterprise products include:

  • UX for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Humanizing Applications
  • Enterprise software for various businesses
  • IOT in different industries like Healthcare, Security,etc

Stay tuned to discover more such trends in IOT & Enterprise application design in 2024 and beyond.

Why and how do IOT & Enterprise start-ups benefit hugely from design?

IoT and Enterprise startups benefit significantly from design by enhancing product usability and user satisfaction. Thoughtful design streamlines functionality, attracts users, and establishes a distinctive brand identity. A well-designed user interface improves adoption rates, fosters positive user experiences, and ultimately contributes to the success and competitiveness of the startup.

What is the return on investment of design for IOT & Enterprise products?

The return on investment of design for IoT and Enterprise products is substantial. A well-crafted design enhances user satisfaction, reducing support costs and increasing user adoption. Clear interfaces and intuitive experiences result in improved operational efficiency, reducing errors and boosting productivity. Additionally, a visually appealing design establishes a positive brand image, attracting and retaining users. Monsoonfish’s proficiency in UI/UX design has delivered a notable return on investment for the IoT and Enterprise product called Kronos. Our expertise helped create an interface to centralize functions and provide a complete view of the security to each stakeholders, thus helping the user to discover and act upon threats.



Design Creates Experiences that Facilitate Product Goals.

With more than 20 years in the UI/UX sphere, we craft experiences that match user expectations, thus enabling brands to achieve their business vision.

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Years in Design

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