Offering Netflix’s Users with Features which they have been Missing Out On!

An attempt for Netflix’s UI/UX redesign to offer features that can enhance usability, accessibility and make the experience more user-friendly for the viewers.



Netflix is an American subscription streaming service and production company that provides a film and television series library through distribution deals as well as its own productions- called as Netflix Originals. In India, it is one of the highest viewed OTT platforms with millions of subscribers.

Here’s a redesign of Netflix attempted by one of our interns, to add new and user-friendly features for delivering better usability and an even more efficient user experience for its viewers.

(This project was attempted in 2017 when Netflix’s UI/UX design was substantially different from the one we’re using today).
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Resume Playback

Out of thousands of shows and movies to watch from, Netflix lacks the ‘resume playback’ feature where the viewer can directly continue watching the movie/show that had left watching.

This would help in better user engagement and seamless watch experience without letting the user struggle through the show to find out where he/she had left watching.

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A user spends a lot of time scrolling through thousands of shows which he/she doesn’t engage in. We added a few shows or movies as suggestions to watch for the users (based on their watch history to push content similar to their favorite genre), saving the user’s time to find an interesting piece of content. This could lead to better engagement and a user-friendly experience by helping the user to watch content of their taste/type.

Similar Choices

Voice Assistance

With technological growth, voice assistance has been incorporated in many apps and websites to improve their usability. Hence introducing voice commands to Netflix can ease the usability and improve accessibility for a wider audience.

Voice Assistance

Invite a Friend

Watching your favorite movie is better and more entertaining when you watch it with your friends! Enjoy a watch party by inviting your friends to watch your favorite content and share your viewing experience together, through this feature.

Invite a Friend

Better Content Access

Tags were added to enable better search ability by functioning as a filter and thus avoiding the effort of infinite scrolling; to push the right content upfront.

Furthermore, there is an added feature for better accessibility- displaying the glimpse of the movie info in two ways- either by long press using an iOS device or by tapping on the movie cover which starts the playback of the content.

Tabs of Episodes and Trailers: Make it easy to switch between content of upcoming shows.

If the user wants to entertain himself/herself during traveling or while being involved in another task, then they can opt for the ‘audio mode’ feature of a show/movie to enjoy listening to the content without viewing it.

We’re always ready to attempt redesigns for digital products by deep diving into its functionality, understanding user goals and crafting solutions to enhance its usability for better engagement.

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An attempt for Netflix’s UI/UX redesign to offer features that can enhance usability, accessibility and make the experience more user-friendly for the viewers.