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To make this overwhelming task of choosing the right UX Research agency for your needs easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best UX Research agencies that you must consider.

To design a wonderful user experience for your digital product or service it is key to understand and gain insight into the user’s mind and their expectations. This is exactly why you need the best UX Research Agency to do this job for you. 

Research is the cornerstone in crafting a resonating and immersive user experience. Delving into the data of needs and preferences of users, research empowers design companies to build an intuitive and delightful user experience. Acknowledging the impact of research, agencies are specifically working on this aspect by using different methodologies from personal user interviews, surveys and usability testing to designing tools for click tracking.

Understanding the user is key to crafting a delightful experience and it is equally  important to choose the right agency for your User Research. We, at Monsoonfish help you with this aspect as it is one of our key services. 

To make this overwhelming task of choosing the right UX Research agency for your needs easier for you, we have compiled  a list of the best UX Research agencies that you must consider.

These are the some of the best agencies that offer impeccable UX Research Services and cover nearly all domains of digital products and services:

1. Monsoonfish 

Monsoonfish best UX research agencyMonsoonfish is  a UI/UX Design Company thriving in the field of crafting user-friendly and intuitive user experiences based on data-driven, user- centric design solutions. 

For over 20 years we have worked on more than 500 successful projects and have garnered more than 200 happy clients  with an outstanding 4.9 rating on both Google and

We have delivered UX Research Services across industries like Fintech, Edtech, Non-Profit, Cybersecurity, Travel and hospitality and also the Medical and Healthcare Sector.  Some of our prestigious projects include The UI/UX redesign of AADHAR; TransUnion CIBIL and Ascent to name a few.

We use the knowledge research offers into user mental models to arrive at actionable insights that redefine the user experience.  We believe data-driven designing is the way to go ahead.

One of our biggest UX Research projects has been for Repos Energy,  a fuel delivery App. To redesign Repos,  we conducted thorough research, interviews and surveys.  The findings from this research lead us to find the design solution – completely redefining the user experience of the app. 

Monsoonfish is based in the US in Delaware and in India in the cities of  Pune and Hyderabad. Don’t worry about the different time zones as we have a carefully curated team of more than 40 design experts who will cover these overlaps for you. The bonus is as much as we believe in in-depth research and high quality design, we also believe in fast deliveries. To get in touch with us click here.

2. Netbramha

netbrahmaNetbramha is a Bangalore based UI/UX Design Company active in this field for more than 15 years now. It boasts of human centric designs and considers research to be a key element in identifying the pain points and core motivations of the target audience. With their unparalleled actionable insights you can drive business growth. 

Netbramha caters to clients from varied domains like FinTech, EdTech, E-Commerce, Media and entertainment, Medical and health sector and is active in more than 20 countries, making it an apt choice for user research in India and abroad.

You can check out their website here

3. Zeux Innovation

Zeus innovationStarted in 2017, Zeux Innovation has been providing excellent UX Research Services to more than 100 clients. They believe in outcome driven UX and achieve that through an in-depth understanding of the user and their needs. They offer this as part of their UX Design Service and also as a stand-alone service.

Their clients include Discovery channel, TATA, ICICI Bank, DBS Bank etc. With an average delivery time for their User Research Services being 3-4 weeks, depending on the sample size this is your go to company if you need it done quickly yet efficiently.  

4. Nielsen and Norman Group

Nielsen group Founded in 1998 the NN/g are the pioneers in the field. Norman is, in fact, known to have coined the term – User Experience, and  Neilsen has published Usability Engineering – a defining text used extensively across the industry for research tools. 

They provide User Research Consultancy to A-tier clients like Google, National Geographic, eBay, Sony and American Express. 

They have a solid experience and expertise in the field, making them one of the agencies  to get your job done. 

Read the interesting history of this agency here.

5. Adam Fard

Adam FardOnly about 8 years old, Adam and Fard has made it to this list as it is one of the best User Research agencies in the field of EdTech, FinTech and SaaS. 

Based in Berlin, this company consists of highly experienced design experts and carefully selected research scholars accounting for valuable actionable insights making them stand out from their competitors. Their service covers the overlap of time across US and the EU making them a highly accessible company for the clients.

Read about their research methodologies here

6. Loop UX

Loop UXLoop UX is a research company with an experience of more than a decade. Although they are based in Copenhagen, they have been exclusively conducting User Research both locally and internationally with a clientele belonging to more than 26 countries. They have a diverse local team working in countries like the US, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, India, Australia and many others. Their clientele is also spread across various sectors from Medical, Telecommunication, Travel and Hospitality to Web. 

If you are catering to international users from diverse parts of the world then Loop UX is the one top research agencies for you.

Read more about Loop UX here

7. Experiment Zone

Experiment zoneAlthough a fairly new company, about 7 years old,  Experiment Zone has a solid track record with User Experience Research being one of their key services. Founded by AJ Davis, who has worked as a Lead UX Researcher on the Google Optimize product has abundant expertise in the field. They believe in harnessing the power of data driven actionable insights. They have helped a lot of companies increase their conversion rates by conducting User Research and then building conversion strategies based on the findings. Dedicated in their effort to research they have also created a repository tool, Hypothesis Library. They cater to all types of industries like food and beverage, e-commerce,  IT, Banking and Finance and both start ups and well established businesses. Their clientele is a testimony to their high conversion rate and hence,  Experiment zone is the go-to agency for your UX Research.

How we Chose the Top UX Research Agencies

We understand that although you are aware of the impact UX research has on a well rounded user experience it can be overwhelming to choose from the sea of agencies the one that fits well according to your need. We have simplified this choice for you by applying the following parameters while compiling this list:

  • Portfolios – All the agencies have proven to deliver successful UX Research services to their clients guaranteeing the trust you put in them.
  • Experience – We have selected a mix of novel and well established agencies as some business owners are looking for tried and tested methods, while some are looking for fresh and innovative approaches in the user experience.
  • Location –  Wherever you or your user may be, these companies have it covered for you. They are located globally and have teams working for them in every part of the world. 
  • Ideology – While user centric design is the common factor in all these agencies, they each have their own unique way and research methodologies to arrive at it giving you an opportunity to find a design agency resonating with your business ideology.

By considering these parameters we have come up with this unbiased list of research agencies to fuel your business growth!

Looking for the Right UX Research Agency for You?

We, at Monsoonfish, use research as one of our main ingredients in crafting a delightful user experience. Having gained expertise in using effective research methodologies and tools over an array of domains,  we are well equipped to provide User Research services be it any kind of business. We have gathered happy clients as well as satisfied users for over two decades now. Come experience it yourself!

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To make this overwhelming task of choosing the right UX Research agency for your needs easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best UX Research agencies that you must consider.


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