10 Software Products That Gained Genuine Business Value From UX

Newsletters in your mailbox is an important tool for marketers, and Flowmail has a clean homepage with just its 3 key selling points (including responsive design) and a form-fill. The design reflects the simplification that Flowmail wishes to bring to your promotional emails. So that’s a message about

Design can add value to Software Product / SaaS companies by helping them differentiate their offering, and through a UX edge.

It is UX which helps them serve unique features to users in an easy-to-access way. The way to building an audience that stays is through design appeal and usability. Ease of use and visual appeal help bring back site visitors.

Here are 10 notable mentions of Software / SaaS companies


Netflix is a byword in home entertainment. The user has to pick from the many arrays of film and TV choices. See how a neat preview (where a user can hover over a preview to get the gist of its highlights), as well as other viewer’s ratings, help in deciding what to watch. See how they do it here


 Salesforce calls itself the fastest, most complete way to put your customers at the centre of everything you do. It scores on design and UI, enabling easy user access to the platform’s features. Check out how salesforce impacts its customers here


Our next example is from an AI application. ContactRescue from EverContact collects data from email signatures and automates adding and updating contacts into your address book or CRM. It can analyse your 60k emails in your archive and retrieve Gmail contacts from 5 years ago! Note the value of ample white space that adds to the feel of simplicity. Take a good look at ContactRescue


A business wants to reach out to as many people as come into contact with it. To do it automatically, Signpost utilizes customer contact details to mail them newsletters and requests for feedback. Besides email, it analyses calls and transactions to strengthen customer relations. Check out their UX now at signpost


Trello is a well-known team collaboration tool. Its drag and drop interface offers ease of use to online teams to share information and instructions. The easier it is to share and collaborate, the higher the team’s productivity. Your own teamwork could improve with Trello 


MailChimp is the mailing guru (email marketing service and Marketing automation platform) whose UX team wrote a book. It does a good job of anticipating user’s needs, is known for its ease of use, and appreciated for adding a dash of humor and personality. Note again the use of white space. Your UX practice will evolve with a visit to MailChimp


Nutmeg is about managing your investments – it has a clean and basic design with appealing Calls to Action, including a solution demo. The calculator helps visitors get a practical idea of how much they could gain. Note the uncluttered clarity which inspires trust and readiness. Invest some minutes studying nutmeg


Newsletters in your mailbox is an important tool for marketers, and Flowmail has a clean homepage with just its 3 key selling points (including responsive design) and a form-fill. The design reflects the simplification that Flowmail wishes to bring to your promotional emails. So that’s a message about UX for you waiting at Flowmail


A CRM collaboration tool, Freshdesk helps teams to quickly and properly solve customer issues. It’s a single platform from which customer support can be extended through different channels. It automates repetitive tasks and improves helpdesk performance. The leaf green and the neat structure exemplify the brand’s promise. Look if you can identify any UX issues at freshdesk


A leader in online payments, Stripe is popular both with end users and developers, and businesses find it easy to implement, while customer checkout gets simplified. An uncluttered spare design with an appealing dashboard are Stripe’s strengths in UX. Spend a few good minutes now at stripe

A website or an app’s interface is a make-or-break touchpoint. It’s a point where in order to convert the visitor, the designer has to minimize friction and highlight the value to the prospect in engaging further. Simple navigation, clarity, and a pleasing layout contribute much to a visitor not being put off by software technicalities.

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