6 Latest UI/UX Design Trends In 2021

Trends. Trends. Trends. 

We hear this word associated with design so often that its effect tends to fade with

Trends. Trends. Trends. 

We hear this word associated with design so often that its effect tends to fade with oversaturation. There are new lists of UI/UX design trends out every year, and 2021 is no different. The key here is for designers to investigate if trends will add value or offer something new to the users while acting as a source of ideas for brand development. 

Here are the six latest UI/UX design trends in 2021 worth paying  attention to:

1. The 3D Experience – 3D isn’t exactly a new concept, but an evolving version of it will turn out to be one of the most powerful UI/UX designer tools this year. In 2021, 3D animated logos, illustrations, texts, and more are going to take center stage. The introduction of ‘3D transformations’ is the icing on the cake. It allows manipulating objects within a 3D space, creating tilts and rotations, and changing its depths on the canvas. 

3D Experience2. Pop Art – A user interface that induces a feel-good element is more appealing to the users. Pop art and comic art, in that sense, are going to trend in 2021. This year, users can expect unusual colors, surreal and dream-like images with contrasting patterns. To make the UI visually striking, coloring objects in opposite colors, portraying escapist landscapes, and playful prints will form part of ongoing UI/UX design trends. 

Pop Art3. Product Photographs – Showcasing neat product photographs can attract customers’ attention to web and mobile pages. Instead of crowding your page with multiple images and letters, the new trend is all about going clean and witty by presenting one or two images along with a short caption or secondary headline. 

Product Photographs4. Go Minimal – There is nothing more soothing and aesthetically pleasing than a minimal, straightforward, and vivid UI. Websites like Sketch, Qoals, and Revolut go on to show that one does not need fancy and loud-colored webpages to make products look astonishingly catchy. 

Go Minimal5. Gradient Logos – Logo designs should fulfill the purpose of distinctiveness. As people now invest a lot of their time working virtually, they expect to recognize brands faster through their logos. In recent years, brands like Mozilla and Facebook have adopted gradient logos to make them more memorable and captivating.

Gradient Logos6. Augmented Reality Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are going to take off in 2021. They offer users a detailed, multi-dimensional view of products, thereby saving precious time and effort. The trend for this year will likely be to perceive products and services in an offbeat fashion. This possibility needs to be explored with interactive imagery that enhances user experience, adding a real-life touch. 

Augmented RealityConclusion

At the end of the day, design trends are just that – TRENDS. Before these new trends attain huge popularity, something even more unique may take over. To get the extra edge, it is essential to make the UI eye-catching while keeping the UX smooth for better user accessibility.

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