UX Designer – The Product Manager’s New BFF

By April 19, 2018Design, Technology, UX

According to different studies, website design accounts for 94% of the selection or rejection of a website. Moreover, insights from Forrester Research’s study reveal that a good user-interface can increase the conversion of your product or website by up to 200% and a good UX designer can increase it to up to 400%. This infographic does a great job at capturing the role UX plays in building a successful website, especially given the fact you have about 10 seconds to impress the users before they leave the website!

If you’re a product manager and see your product as your bae, you definitely know who your wingman is over here – your UX designer. In millennial terms, your UX designer is your #bff because he or she is responsible for how your product looks, feels and functions and it is to the same UX designer that you have to turn to whenever there’s a shortcoming.


Not convinced? Well, here are some more reasons that will go make you give a fist-bump to your UX designer in the end.

Your UX designer Makes things Work for Your Users

If you haven’t paid enough attention yet, your UX designer is the one to add fun to your product or website’s functionality. As a product manager, you may have come up with the most practical solution for a customer-centric concern. But if a layman doesn’t know what to do with your product or finds it difficult to work on it, they won’t bother coming back to it again.

So, it’s your BFF who has to add all the essential elements to make your product practically applicable in the everyday life of your customer or target audience. Your UX designer is also your BFF for the very reason that when your product performs well, he or she never gets the due credit and it passes off as the designer’s duty and responsibility, just like a wingman who gets forgotten after his best friend gets into a relationship.

Your UX Designer Caters To the Urgency of Your Audience

Throwing a quick statistics, over 85% of people believe that the mobile versions of websites should be better or as good as their desktop counterparts. Moreover, 52% agree that they are most likely to switch to the product or solution of a different company if they don’t like the mobile website of a company they are looking for.

With the amount of time, we spend on mobile devices has increased significantly, guess who does all that is required for your product or service to do well across diverse platforms and websites? Who takes the responsibility of making your product responsive across different screens? Your UX designer!

It’s a Judgmental World

As a product manager, there would be instances you feel the world is ruthless. Yeah, when you’ve spent weeks on getting a product ready and up and running, it takes hardly a few seconds for your target audience to judge it even before they get hands-on with it. Be it a website or software, the layout, user interface and the usability of your product immediately attract criticism from end users.

And the moment you think of avoiding such instances, your sole saviour is none other than your business bae – UX designer! He or she adds layers of usability features and elements to save you and your product from embarrassment. Tell us this, weren’t you one of them who got annoyed when the Start Menu did not show up on Windows 8 a few years back?

Competition in the Race to the Finish Line

You should also know that your product is not unique in the market. There are hundreds of products or services similar to yours in your niche. But what makes yours stand out is the way it is designed, built and rolled out for usage. Your UX designer adds the edge to your product and helps it distinguish itself from a hundred others.

The designer is the one who adds a brand recall value to your product and establishes it in one or more ways among your target audiences. He or she adds that additional layer called personal touch that resonates with your end users for long after they use your product or website.

If you notice, your UX designer is like Cooper from Interstellar who takes the responsibility of docking the rover no matter what and lets you run an entire planet on your own. Your UX designer also comes back for you when you’re plagued with concerns.

We know! It usually happens. We do take our BFFs for granted and we hardly say we love them, to them. If you’ve not given the attention your UX designer deserves, buy him or her a coffee and cherish his work and contribution. Maybe, you’ll find a mentioning about yourself on their Facebook or Instagram stories!