5 Ways to Scale a Great Application!

By March 15, 2019Design, Technology, UX

There is ton of re-design solutions out there, all well intended and all solving some solid problems with the apps, interfaces we use daily.

At MonsoonFish we decided to look the other way. How do you take an application that is working well, solves it’s users problems and find out what the next big thing for that app is.

Apps like Hot Star, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are gaining immense popularity. With their formats and content delivery they have their users hooked to their devices craving for more.

So how do we better this ? Is there anything to better at all ?

What follows are some interesting concepts, all geared towards how a Hot Star can provide value to its user base, by leveraging what they are already so good at! These open up opportunities for growth for Hot Star, and helps them identify their next big thing ! Not only does this make the app it self better but it allows it to be part of a larger eco-system.

1. Reducing passive wait with gripping content

Users of Hot Star or Netflix spend an immense amount of time waiting. Be it queues, cabs or at the doctor’s appointment line. This passive wait contributes to a large amount of anxiety. Lets take the scenario of riding a cab. With our metros and their overflowing cars we spend on an avg. 2 hrs a day travelling. What do we do in that time ? What if we convert this passive wait into an active one ! The result is time flies by.

Hot Star content can be made available on Uber. These can suggest the user new shows, or show continuations based on how long the ride is going to be.

2. Content as reward mechanism

Users tend to escape into their devices when they get the time. They love to indulge themselves with the latest content and escape into it’s nuances. What if content from Hot Star could be used in task management tools like Asana, Trello and JIRA to motivate users to finish their tasks.

Content could be made available on these platforms and slowly unlock as the user signs off her tasks. At the end the user would get access to premium content exclusively available to her. This could gamify tasks and push users to get their jobs done, adding value to managers, employees and the company alike.

3. Inspiration based shopping

Users really relate to who they see on-screen. This inspires how they behave, think and want to be perceived. We saw scope to introduce an opportunity to shop here. Users can now get inspired to purchase, outfits, merchandise and other goodies which their favourite characters wear or use.

Hot Star can tie up with e commerce partners to make this happen. They will highlight key merchandise on their shows and make them available for purchase. This will push inspiration based impulsive purchase among users.

4. Bringing the post show chatter to the show!

Users love to discuss the show, spoil it for others or theorise what’s going to happen next. Today we watch these shows in isolation, and talk about it later. What if the conversation happened live, what if users could express them selves while the best of moments unfolded on a show.

Hot Star can allow a group watch with comments, sharing and a feed. Users can express themselves when their favourite characters die a gruesome death, or laugh together when those great one liners come one screen.

5. Remote control content

Users normally have a set of parents back home, who are struggling to keep up with technology, complicated remotes and the barrage of content. What if Hot Star allowed users to stream and control content on other devices for their aged parents back home.

That definitely reduces the impromptu IT support role this generation has had to take up for their parents. 🙂

As product managers and tech leads we are constantly on the lookout for how we can add value for our customers. We track metrics, look at our resources and plan ahead. Loop in your design partner early and validate a hypothesis like above. These make a strong business case and ensure your always thinking customer experience first !