Before we begin UX design, product strategy helps light the way for stakeholders. MonsoonFish engages its clients to define this strategy. This involves the following:

  • Looking at the product from a 30,000 feet view. Zooming out to see the essentials
  • Zooming in at multiple levels, understanding the minute details
  • Defining product direction in line with business objectives
  • Setting communication objectives
  • Defining the product architecture
  • Defining service design workflows
  • Key activities and involved flows


Innovate, Simplify and Delight.
UX and UI Design for forward thinking enterprises.

Usability and design have become one of the biggest differentials. We are quick to understand the crux and
deliver first time right UX and UI solutions. We’ve helped Tech Services and product companies from Startups
to fortune 500 bring UX Design and Innovation to their Enterprises, delivering world class user experience.

Design is not about how it looks, it is, How it Works.

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