Let’s do it if Amazon did it! NOPE.

By December 17, 2017Branding

The excellent and well-tested features of Amazon won’t necessarily work for your e-commerce site. Why? Well, let’s go through their customer reviews glaring example for our better understanding. Amazon’s customer review software was recently bought by Target.com for their e-commerce shopping website. Despite using the same software, surprisingly, Target.com didn’t receive 3 reviews in the first-month post the release of the massively popular Harry Potter’s Deathly Hallows volume. Meanwhile, Amazon received 1805 reviews. Both the retailer sites sold about 2 million copies and yet.

What do we take from this? We learn that it is okay to copy, but while doing so, we have to make sure that why did it work for them and how will it work for you. Go down to the nitty-gritty of it all as that won’t be a wastage of your time and will rather benefit you.

That said, there are reasons to not copy Amazon.

  • An analytical study revealed that Amazon.com “was perceived in the world of usability testing to have one of the slowest home page loading speeds amongst the other top 20 websites studied, and it was also shown to have one of the most chaotic home pages.  Still, after using the website, users ended up saying that they will use the site and would recommend it further. This shows that the familiarity with the site and the strong game of brand recognition work for Amazon as its flaws then get overlooked. However, these flaws can be a kiss of death for your site if you decide to follow suit and copy the website to its every last detail.
  • Joshua Porter, a renowned UX designer cum blogger argues that it is a horrible idea to mindlessly copy a design of top websites like Amazon or Facebook. She puts forth the thought process that when one is copying, one doesn’t know the reasons behind a design, and one is not responding directly to his customer’s need as is the right way of going. This is the way of devaluing your own data she concludes.

All that said, it is alright to get inspired and to incorporate parts of smart designs seen around while keeping in mind to be clever while doing so!