Are You a Graphic Designer or a UX Designer?

By May 22, 2018Design, UX

When it comes to visual or graphical aspects of creations and design, people are habitual of using the terms related to them in a vague manner. That may pass when using amongst non-technical people, but when we get to the depth of it, then knowing the difference between various aspects of designing becomes very crucial.

A few terms which are related to it and used are visual designing, graphics designing, UI designing, UX designing, etc. All of them are entirely different from each other in terms of the precise work that is involved and the focus of each. 

Most commonly happening debate is whether a person is a graphic designer or a UX designer. They may seem similar to some, but both of them are entirely different when we get into the minute details.

A Comparative Study Of Graphic Design & UX Design

Graphic designing, when considered relatively, is a part of UX design itself, but the part that is more focused on product and realizing the vision of its creator. UX design, however, focuses on the overall functionality and the experiences of the users and making it smoother for them.

What Do Graphic Design and UX Design Have in Common?

What Do Graphic Design and UX Design Have in Common?


Let’s consider this in terms of customizing the root android OS.

graphic designer would see to create more fitting themes, enhancing its visual appeals, and introducing animated gestures and other eye-appealing stuff.

A UX designer, on the other hand, will cater to the needs of users and see to the minor details such as smoothness of touch gesture, contrast color schemes, ability to easily switch between apps, and other intrinsic stuff.

Benefits of User Experience(UX) Design

Benefits of User Experience(UX) Design


While graphic designers may measure its success by the first-hand experience and its engaging ability of the users, UX designers focus on the user retention factor owing to their work.

Both graphic designing and UX designing are inter-dependable and co-related to each other. Each of them on its own won’t be able to make or break your product and its success.

How to Decide Between Them?

Graphic Designers focus on creating the visual appeal of the product and see the charming appeal of it. It’s your preferred choice if you need someone to create engaging graphics for you, and if you like to play with visual appeal and creativity is your main suite.

UX Designers, on the contrary, are more into the research part and seeing that the small needs and aims of users are fulfilled. Get a UX designer if you need someone to make your product more engaging or better fitted to user needs.

Becoming a UX designer is the choice you should make if you like A/B testing & experimenting with stuff. You will have to constantly make changes and improvement based on user feedback and research a lot. Go with it if this sounds like something you would like to do.

As distant as both these aspects of designing are, they are incomplete without each other, and often professionals from one field go to the other to expand their horizons.