Are you a graphic designer or a UX designer?

Are You a Graphic Designer or a UX Designer?

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When it comes to visual or graphical aspects of creations and design, people are habitual of using the terms related to them in a vague manner. That may pass when using amongst non-technical people, but when we get to the depth of it, then knowing the difference between various aspects of…

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DNA of a Designer

DNA of a UX designer

By | Design, UX

To plan a successful career as a UX Designer for yourself, you should look at the core strengths required. Here they are. If you are already doing well on four or five of them, you are in pretty good shape and can focus on adding the other strengths. Mapping Out…

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The Connected World

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Times, they are a changing We are living in a very interesting era, a time where the connection between us, our peers, our loved ones, then our devices, our cars, our public utilities all combine to form a dynamic grid. And it all amalgamated on the show floor of Intel…

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