Millennials won’t Use Your Software Product if You don’t Have a Kick-ass UI

Part of a UX designer’s prowess is the ability to apply emotion, empathy and aesthetics…

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Designing Book My Show’s Next Big Feature

Book My Show has become a go to app for us trigger happy folks. Booking…

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10 Software Products That Gained Genuine Business Value From UX

Design can add value to Software Product / SaaS companies by helping them differentiate their…

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6 UX Myths You Have Believed In

Amazing UX doesn’t come easy. To name a few difficulties, there are plenty of UX…

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Why Should Mobile Menu Be Placed Below?

Studies show that the usage of your mobile phone affects your brain. Further research says…

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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing A Navigation Bar

Designing a Navigation Bar? Here are some mistakes to avoid! It would be silly to…

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Web & Accessibility Data for Better UX

Website and product usage is a treasure trove of data which can unveil a ton…

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What are Usability Issues? Do they Matter?

Teams are often sensitive to issues that users encounter while using their product. While they…

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