6 UX Myths You Have Believed In

By December 21, 2017App, Branding, UX, Website

Amazing UX doesn’t come easy. To name a few difficulties, there are plenty of UX myths going around that hamper the creation. So, let us help you identify the myths and make sure that you no longer believe them.

Myth 1: ‘One Size Fits All’ Principle

The ‘one size fits all’ myth doesn’t hold grounds for UX. Replicating similar user experience across varied products, websites apps and software will not fulfill your objectives because every end-user has different needs and expectations. In addition to each belonging to different demographics and cultural backgrounds, they also have different mindsets and therefore the perception is never the same. Thus, by focusing on the needs of your user, create unique UX for each system or product.

Myth 2: UX and Usability/UI are the Same Things

UX is not same as Usability. While UX is about how users feel when they use a system/product, Usability is about the innate convenience and efficiency of the product/system interface. Usability although, is a big part of UX.

UX is also not same as UI (User Interface). UI is all about designing and accessibility. UX is the bigger picture of which UI and Usability are parts of.

Myth 3: UX is Insanely Expensive

Another common myth about UX is that it is incredibly expensive in terms of both time and money. The reasons for this are hiring expert professionals who will charge for their expertise and the resource of time it consumes for its completion. But if you look at it as an investment that will deliver its sustainable returns, it will start convincing you by making more sense.

Myth 4: UX is Doable by All

Now quite a bunch of designers claim to be UX Designers, but very few of them are. Gaining expertise in UX designing requires many years and even then, many designers lack the confidence of coming up with an amazing UX.

If you are hiring and want a great UX for your product, go for somebody who has the core experience in UX designing and isn’t simply a web designer. Only someone who has been on the field for long enough knows the smallest of details and things that can go wrong and that person can deliver the user experience expected of your target audience.

Myth 5: UX is Solely Driven by Technology

It is silly to think that UX is solely driven by technology. On the contrary, the primary focus is humans – that is, their experience, their accessibility, their psychology and their requirements. It is not merely about creating an experience but more about enhancing the experience until it becomes near flawless. Remember, more often than not users/customers do not know what they want and that leaves you with the job of providing the very best experience based on your research, study, analysis, and intuition.

Myth 6: UX Testing Needs to be Done in the End

Don’t get me wrong. UX testing is extremely important, but not at the very end of the process! The best way to go about it is to test the system anytime and mostly, at every step of the development process. This allows one to come across potential treats ta early stages which makes them easier to fix and the efforts do not go waste which would if you keep the checking until the last step. This also helps you save your time and money.